Friday, July 22, 2011

"Fried Fridays: All Bottled Up...."


Sometimes it's good to let things out. Keeping some things bottled up can lead to dangerous stress levels and all kinds of related issues that have to be dealt with.



September was going to be the red-letter month for Mollydooker Wines, as the Aussie vineyard was to make a splash into the U.S. scene. A very special reserve Shiraz was to hit the American shelves at $200 per bottle.

A grand entrance, indeed....and I like the ring of "Mollydooker", too. Kinda ranks up there with "Ugly Boy Flutes". :-)

And, oh my, they made a splash alright.

Only it was in the shipping container in their warehouse.

It fell off the forklift.

461 of 462 cases, shattered. One survived. An estimated one million dollars down the drain, literally. The itsy bitsy silver lining is that the vintner did have the wine insured.

They say don't cry over spilled milk. I'm guessing when milk hits $200 per gallon, we'll say to hell with that expression...

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Suzy said...

"Mollydooker" ... sounds like the name of one mischievious pup ... !!! HA!!

Or the name of a new noun or verb! So now when something goes horribly awry, equivalent to the shattering of 431 of 432 (I think were the numbers) bottles of superior wine ... it's now referred to as "a Mollydooker" or "%*&%@!#, I've been Mollydookered!!" or "So-and-so Mollydookered it up!"

Suzy :)