Friday, September 18, 2009

"Fried Fridays: A Toke'n of Appreciation"

Bartering can be cool. Been around for ages. Trading time and talents instead of money between individuals.

The economy has brought even more of it about for all the obvious reasons. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Nothing could be simpler.

And nothing could be more complex...


41 year-old Kym Krocza teaches algebra and calculus at Grant High School in Fox Lake, Il. Teachers have always been underpaid and undervalued, that's a given. Long hours. Commitment of soul and concern for student welfare. Parent-teacher meetings. And so much more.

Lucky for her that Ms. Krocza befriended a couple of teenage girls in her neighborhood that soon became students at her school. Convenient set-up it was....they all lived in the same neighborhood, the teacher needing help with cleaning and laundry, the teenage girls happy for a chance for some income.

Or at least some 'income' of sorts.

You always wonder how a story like this comes to the forefront, truly. Somehow, somewhere, under some circumstances, the story got more interesting...and more public.

Oh yeah, and illegal.

Apparently, this 40-something teach opted for the age-old bartering system that the teenage students agreed to...only it involved contraband.

"Let's do my laundry and clean this that and the other...and for your efforts I'll give you marijuana, alcohol, and Zoloft to help your self-awareness develop more fully. That work for you?"

Guess for a while it worked swimmingly. Until the teen heads got to swimming a wee bit too much., that is.

Cutting to the chase, while free on bond for the moment, it should come as no surprise that Ms. Krocza has been suspended from her duties at Grant High, now facing felony charges. She didn't return calls made to her home phone, either.

I guess having to do all your own cleaning and laundry takes you away from handling other communications...

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