Tuesday, September 22, 2009

'Nudder cyberlink I like...

While I do have an MP3 player, I'm not one to have or have had an iPod, Zune, or other such media gizmo. I do love music, and at times I like to play it through the computer and not have to deal with shuffling CDs in and out. And while I have a library of tunes saved to the onboard iTunes, I like new stuff. If that sounds like you, then have I got a nice site for you to download....

PANDORA internet radio

On the site you can read about the 'music genome project' they undertook to tag millions of songs with markers so you can design your own station format. For instance, as I'm typing I'm listening to "Barbershop Quartets". Earlier I was on my "Celtic Woman" channel...I've got one for Mary Youngblood and native american artists....and when I need to get a little jiggy I click on my "Louis Jordan" station.

This is NOT a site where you can save or download the music, it's just for listening pleasure as it happens. The site has restrictions placed on it by the music industry that music cannot be on demand, or a particular artist have more than a certain number of songs play in a limited time frame...but I find the constant mix pleasurable.

You search an artist or song...and the 'project' selects songs by that artist or title and other artists and songs that closely match it in markers. As it ultimately starts playing selections, you get to see a little thumbnail of the album and artist, with the name of the song, etc. If you start hearing a song you really don't like, you can click on a 'thumb-down' icon and not only does it remove that song from playing on your station, but if there are other songs that closely line up via those markers, it won't play those either.

Yes, it's free, and what ads there are are minimal. I'm real testy toward 'free' sites that run annoying ads and pop-ups, and this site doesn't bother me in the slightest. Netflix is behind this project, fyi. I often use an air-card with my laptop, and it doesn't stutter and stop like trying to watch a video segment on a weak signal.

I simply get it going and minimize the window in my tray and go about my other computer work. It's fun and easy, and it's exposing me to a lot more music in about an easy a way as I've ever experienced it. Figured some of you might like to investigate it and give it a whirl!

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