Friday, January 02, 2009

"Fried Fridays: Box Canyon Basics"

As a kid I loved watching westerns, Roy Rogers re-runs, and the like. I especially liked it when chases led through the canyon country as it was a) nail-biting and b) beautiful scenery. Box canyons are so named as they have no way out except going back out the way you went in. Well, there is the option of going straight up the canyon walls, but that's almost impossible in most situations. Anyone caught in a box canyon had their hands full, no doubt.

One saying I like to use from time to time ties in to such a situation:

"There are no 'problems'
per se,
only opportunities
creative solutions."

One 28 year-old man got nicely creative as the police were about to stop his car...


All the news article said was this young man was about to be pulled over. At that time the police didn't know the particulars of the car they were going to stop, but the driver certainly had another perspective. It was no less than a box canyon, from his angle. It was "fight or flight"...or was it?

The lightbulb of ingenuity must have gone off in his head. Most 'guilty' people would think, "How am I going to get out of this?" Ah, perspective, perspective, perspective. Who says the chasee has to get out of the mess? If you get the chasers to leave, then you can leave with relative ease...but how do you do that?

Make a quick phone call.

No, not to your bail bondsman or lawyer.

To 911.

Yeah, just phone in an armed robbery in progress a short distance away, get the police to shift priorities since they were close by, and you'll be left alone.

And he was.

What he didn't count on was other officers in the area watching him after the police chasing him veered to the robbery's "10-20". After he had pulled into a parking lot, trailing police quickly saw an exposed firearm in his car.

With quick sleuthing through car information, the driver was identified as a felon with outstanding warrants, making the weapon all the more illegal; the police quickly made an arrest. Only after the fact did the police put two and two together and realize the felon had placed the bogus 911 call.

And now we know how the 2008 Christmas Goose got cooked.

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