Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a little closer...

We interrupt this blog posting for a minor update thanks to crystallized water...I'll be filling in for the News 14 Triad weathers starting at 10a, and then have to hoof it down to Greenville, SC for an all-day acting gig Wednesday. In this capacity I am actually "now"casting as opposed to forecasting, hence my not posting weather models and thoughts and such. I'll put up a totals map when one becomes available...heaviest of snow is falling in the eastern Piedmont at this time. This is what it looked like early in the AM when Mercy decided she really didn't want to go outside afterall...wimp...

And now on with today's pre-written blog...

With what I use my current photography for (computer and projection purposes) you can easily get by with smaller-sized images that still look razor-sharp...it's when you go to the print stage that things change, and you need lots of megapixels to make a great enlargement.

My Canon has the ability to shoot RAW images, which are massive in size and can be greatly manipulated for post-production purposes (as long as you know whattheheck you're doing in Photoshop, for example). I just never bothered with RAW as I've not been gunning for the printing stage; however, I thought I'd experiment with my suet feeder friends and see how much more I can capitalize on getting really detailed images of the winged ones.

There is still the 'battle' of ISO selection and the 'noise' trade-off, with needing to freeze the birds or catch them unusually still...all while shooting through a pane of glass and trying to get the focus spot-on...with a super-telephoto zoom, there is very little distance in the plane of focus at many apertures, hence you shoot scads of shots in hoping there are a couple of goodies in there.

And here are 3 that go a little further than earlier posted pictures. As always, click on pics to enlarge 'em:

White-breasted Nuthatch

Carolina Wren

Downy Woodpecker (male)

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