Friday, April 24, 2009

"Fried Fridays: It's All In The Family"

There are many euphemisms out there for families…there’s one in the Christian community that says “The family that prays together stays together”….and there is the old saying that ”blood is thicker than water” when referring to people sticking with relatives and blood/kin through thick and thin. We believe it to be so. We honor it. We follow it.

Our society prides itself on the ‘family unit’ and heterosexual relationships. Given the omnipresent “on the go” nature of our society, many work hard to do things as a family, even something as simple as having dinner together. Not everyone succeeds at accomplishing the goal of ‘quality family time’, but at least many are trying….


Ah, the Big Apple. One of those cities that never sleeps. One of those cities that you wonder howthehell do you eek out a living with the exorbitant cost of living, that kind of place. In this case, it was a couple that was going to become a ‘unit’, though at this report they were not yet married. No biggee…they obviously liked being together a lot, enough to have already had kids.

Kids that are able to walk and talk and do their own homework is one thing. Kids that are either still in diapers or only recently nearing kindergarten is another. Still, some work hard to keep the flock in the same fold, and they should be commended.

Or not.

It is a natural development that when the economy is so dreadfully lousy that some look for easy ways out. Lotteries. Gambling. Working multiple jobs.

Or turning to thievery.

And so a NYC man and an accomplice did just that, turned to the ol’ breaking-and-entering underworld to get the goods and money they need to support their families. Their intent does not justify their actions, of course, nor will it ever do so. Still, they have their families on their mind, front and center.

That’s why they went along for the ride.

Yep, it seems this unnamed fellow and his cohort would drive around in the blue family minivan and scope out places to rob…well, more like his girlfriend would do the driving while they scoped everything out. Not to leave anyone out, the 5-month old toddler and 4 year-old tyke went along for the ride, strapped in their car seats.

Well, uh….at least they had car seats. Suffice it to say the family unit hit a major snag trying to be together. Observant neighbors put two and two together and let the police know so they could set up their 'nab'.

You know what they say….

“The Family that steals together wheels together."

Sad but true... and totally 'fried'...

Enjoy the summer-like weather this weekend!!!

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