Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Them young'uns!

Taking a writing break to share recent pictures of my little niece and nephew, Ellen and William.
Because friends and relatives read this blog from time to time, I like passing on family pics of my brother's and his wife's twins when he sends some (pics, not twins!)...they grow like weeds when they're young, don't they? Click on any pic to enlarge...

Good ol' Ellie Sue and Willie Boo are growing fast, and if I didn't know better I'd say Willie Boo has the makings for a Native American flute player - check out the left-over-right hand staggering around a cylinder of sorts...yep, I'm thinkin' "minor pentatonic" before too long...

From my barbershop quartet days I remember how much fun it was to sing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" with this transition to an upbeat doo-wop version. Looks like Ellen likes it to, at least the bubbles part!

Been a cold, long winter for the clan in Boston, and I know they've been loving the warmer temperatures recently. This is my brother with a big grin on his face, which couldn't have been too far the moment his and my alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill, brought home the NCAA basketball bacon!

Hear my brother say, "GO HEELS!"
Hear my niece say, "DAHHBINKEEDAHH!"

Hey, Willie Boo! While you think about which crayon to use, take a hint from Uncle Bob:
It's the only way to live Life!!!!

William having a ball...

Enjoy the day and don't blow away here in the Carolinas! More flute stuff coming tomorrow!

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