Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Couldn't pass it up....

It was yelling at me in the store Saturday. Right out in front of everybody, but it seemed only I could hear the impatient shouts.

I looked, walked away, walked back and looked, and walked away...only to walk back and look....then borrowed a tape measure...then borrowed a scratch piece of paper and pen, and took lots of measurements....then walked out the door of the store...only to come back in and asked an employee about phone-in orders...

I need wood like I need a hole in my head. But it's hard to pass up some excellent figuring in wood, especially wood this huge....this gorgeous...and this inexpensive. Asheville Hardware recently moved to a new non-descript location near downtown on a dead side street, a gigantic warehouse that they'll be turning into an impressive woodworker's store and workshop space.

While current stock is really limited, they already have some wood, and a good bit of it is there on consignment, like the board that did the yelling....that I called about again Monday and bought it over the phone....that I picked up today and made one cut in the board.

It's curly Maple, with curl 100% through the board....there is a bit of Ambrosia Maple embedded (caused by the Ambrosia worm), as well as some spalting (thin black fungus lines that add a great deal to the wood's appearance). Character galore up and down this board.

All 12+ feet of it! 7-8" wide...and my favorite part: it was 8/4 lumber! Two solid inches thick, which made the value jump even more. "Normal" boards are 4/4, slightly less than an inch thick...in order to make lower key flutes, you have to have thicker boards, but finding 5/4 and 6/4 is hard. 8/4 in a board of this size and quality is simply something I've not seen in person, and even if you're not a woodworker, you'll appreciate the incredible figuring in this board.
Sure, there are a few cracks and blemishes, and a little 'live edge' that isn't usable...but I've got a solid stash of one of my favorite woods to work with, now.

For the following pics, click to enlarge them...and depending on your screen settings, you may be able to click on that picture to make it even bigger yet. The board is basically flat, though it needs planing...so the 3-D 'look' is really just 2-D. Reminiscent of that earlier post from that old Maple by Lake Junaluska that showed the curl in a scar from storm damage....enjoy!


Rita said...

How inexpensive???

Bob Child said...

Only $2,750! HA! Just $500. Kidding again! HA! Just $225. Oops gotcha again! Only $75...get real, it wasn't that cheap...but close. 100. Was in Woodcraft store and their much lower quality curly maple is now $13 per board foot, and I got mine for a tad over $6.50 per board foot. I could EASILY take half of what I bought and sell it on eBay and make double, but ain't gonna do that...worth much more to me as flutes!

Suzy said...

... and you didn't have to 'rescue' (under cover of darkness!) or further 'damage' that old maple by Lake Junaluska after all!! Ha!! What a 'steal of a deal' in that respect, too!!
Hey, it still might be worth an occasional drive past that old maple anyway, to see if it has shed any more of its own natural branches ... !! :)

Suzy :)