Friday, August 17, 2007

Fried Fridays: "If I Had a Hammer..."

...I'd sell it to the Pentagon for $643,582.

Twin sisters from Lexington, South Carolina got an even better return on their investment:

$998,798 for 2 washers

No, we ain't talkin' Maytags, here...we're talkin' 2 little metal circles that totaled $0.38 before tax. Seems they found and significantly exploited an auto-payment system in the Defense Department, starting back in 2000.

Check this out: Since 2000, the U.S. Government has purchased $68,000 worth of actual items from C&D Distributors, owned by this pair of pirates. The billed (and received!) shipping costs for those items totaled (drumroll, please)....$20.5 million.

Gee, they've been caught, now. Shame on the greedy sisters and anyone else there in on the scheme. And and equally scolding shame on the Pentagon for such a glaring lack of financial accountability. What's scary is to think what other phantasmic sums have gone out the window in like manner to the hoardes of scoundrels out there...and what other areas the Government is allowing itself to be bilked of astronomical sums. Talk about the proverbial tip of the iceberg...

More on the scheme


Speaking of "Katrina" (oops, did that slip out?), "Dean" has been cleared atmospherically for take-off into the 'major' realm of hurricane development. At this time, there is no significant impediment to its becoming a big 'un, though it has yet to cleanly and fully develop all of its structure. By the time you are reading this, the eye will have already passed by Martinique and St. Lucia (in the middle of the Lesser Antilles) as a Category 2 hurricane.

The various models have the projected paths tightly bunched for 72 hours while "Dean" steams west-northwest at nearly 25 mph. That fast movement will help limit rain totals, which will still be significant, mind you. Jamaica continues to be in line for the dreaded northeast quadrant to hit them Sunday, with anticipated landfall square on the Yucatan Peninsula late Monday night/early Tuesday morning...potentially as a Category 4 or 5 hurricane.

To me the most interesting part of Dean is its forward movement, which is rather significant, as well as its rather predictable path for now. The wildcard will be what happens post-Yucatan when it reaches the southern Gulf early next week.

Better git...have a good weekend, y'all.

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