Monday, August 06, 2007

"Move Over, Humpty Dumpty..."

Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?

To make up for his lousy summer. Of course, if he were in the the Piedmont of North Carolina these days he would be nice and fried or scrambled...come to think of it, if someone wanted pieces of his shell to sell on eBay he could be poached...

Now rumor has it he fell only because he was pushed.

Regardless, even time-honored iconic figures have to bow out in honor of someone who truly bests the original story... I am not one to watch much TV, and if I do it is usually the wonderful Ovation Network, Discovery Channel, or the occasional movie. Last Friday as I momentarily escaped the heat, I channel-surfed and came across an X-Games championship replaying from the night before, just after Jake Brown's horrendous fall when the boarder was being tended to. Stayed long enough to watch him get up (thankfully) and then watched the reruns and slow-mo's. UNbelievable. The video link below is almost 4 minutes long...all the action is in the first 30 seconds and last 45 seconds, FYI...again, he miraculously gets up and walks away. Talk about a tennis shoe blow-out....

News article follow-up

Talking about replacing iconic figures, I'm not about to touch the the home run issue between Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron, not with a 20-foot pole. Clearly we have become a society, a nation, and a world that has become fraught with cheating, which is no less than stealing from others, and many throw in constant heapin' helpin's of hypocrisy to make it all go down as they look the other way and ignore it. Our overall de-sensitization to it, be it in sports, the corporate and politcal arenas, etc., is rather unsettling.

As the ol' country music song lyrics go, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." I just wish the temperatures would fall, but that won't happen this week. Charlotte and Raleigh will be pushing 100 degrees, with Greensboro not far behind...and all in a soupy, humid, lousy air quality concoction that will also bathe us along with the heat.


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