Friday, October 24, 2008

"Fried Fridays: Cutting to the point..."

There is no doubt that whether from within or outside our nation's boundaries, one can see in the fabric of U.S. society a strange and sad mix of behaviors from what is supposed to be one of the premiere civilized nations.

Mind you, I'm well aware there are wonderful, positive aspects...but we do have our fair share of head-shaking issues that make one scream out, "What is wrong with you people???"

We are not alone when it comes to road rage...


Losing one's cool is never a good thing, except maybe in a life or death situation. Way too many people snap like pole beans when it comes to offensive behavior, especially behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Take one Kenyan High Court judge , G.B.M. Kariuki. Toodling down the road in his official Mercedes Benz, he was involved in an accident last weekend. A 29 year-old government worker, Robert Kamau was the other driver who met him, well, by accident.

It's yet another heart-warming story of 'He said he said", apparently.

Both stopped after the 'incident' which quite frankly was sparse in details. Kariuki accused Kamau of hitting one of his side view mirrors. I can only assume there was some level of disagreement...and I say that because per a statement from Kamau, "(Kariuki) demanded that I pay him. He then slapped me and took away my keys. As I went for the keys, he stabbed me."

Oh yeah, did I say Kamau gave his statements from his hospital bed?

Yep, it was the ol' knife-in-the-belly trick-because-you-supposedly-hit-me-and-now-I'm-angry-because-you-won't-satisfy-my-demands.

In his defense, the holy High Court judge claimed a much different version of the incident, claiming Kamau came at him with a knife and then accidentally fell on it, stabbing himself.


Part of Kariuki's statement went on to say, "It is a self-inflicted injury. He was very drunk, I am a judge and cannot engage in something like that."

Unless you're power-drunk, yourself...but who am I to judge a judge and be not judged? There is that chance his is the more truthful version...

It's in the hands of the courts now. The police admit there is clear evidence and what should be an unavoidable court appearance on serious charges for Kariuki. Yet at last check they were awaiting further 'instructions'....and, uh, from whom are they waiting for instructions? Wouldn't Joe the Plumber have been charged, if not arrested, immediately?

Sorry, couldn't resist taking a stab at that last over-used iconic figure...

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