Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Monday Mop-Up...a day late!

October continues to be a month of almost excessive activity and responsibilities for me, 7 days a week. Not complaining at all, mind you, but I have been forced to accept that I really can't do everything at once and that I have to work hard at prioritizing the best 'bang for the buck' in terms of time management. Let me fill you in on a little secret: that is NOT a strength of mine!

Last weekend was a one-day art show in Waynesville, NC, 30 minutes west of Asheville...plenty of color popping, but the 'peak' conditions are truly that, above the 4,000 feet mark. Another good couple of weeks of color as it descends the slopes, and overall nice weather to do so. 'Leaf peepers' should score nicely this year.

I scored unexpectedly at the art show by winning a third place award. A lot of shows judge a booth overall, but this one asked you to place a marker on your one special show piece for silent judging, and my intricate "dragonfly drone" brought home the bacon.

How did the show go overall? Since I have only flutes to offer, which are not in the category of $20 momentoes, it's a slow go. Really slow. It ended up being a solid day, however, when someone bought the drone...at the very time the show officials delivered the ribbon and prize. Hard to see my 'kids' go, but it has gone to a wonderful home, I'm sure. (Flute info: made of figured Cherry with Walnut endcaps; the inlay of 5 dragonflies and the block involved turquoise, malachite, lapis, abalone, sulfur, and a little brass and aluminum dust)

Western NC had possibly even more severe issues with the recent gas shortage...prices from last Friday through Sunday continued to fall, with most places by Sunday in the $3.19 range or a tad higher. When I got to Charlotte, the story was a bit different - a huge disappointment to find recurring gas shortages, closed pumps, and higher prices. Yes, more stations have gas, but my Costco station had no regular unleaded...I was told they are still having to truck it in.

While I had to run to another work project for the day (read away from the TV and news) I later couldn't find any story headlines on it....I guess the 'flavor of the day' that news stations are notorious for creating just sees it as old hat, the gas problem...and I see it as a rat somewhere in the distributor web that hasn't been fleshed out, and I really find it inexcuseable that the problems still exist, though ameliorated.

While there is nothing eminent, the tropics are simmering down near the Yucatan and Caribbean. "Nana" further east seems to be a non-issue, but the Yucatan area prime for development has a potentital N-NW drift, up into oil rig territory. TD #15 in the Caribbean may hit a more favorable clime for development, as well...another Gulf oil rig disruption surely won't help this screwed up situation in any way. Where are your elected leaders when you need 'em to step up to the plate...

Nice to see the Dow index skyrocket yesterday...just wild crazy, the financial world, eh? For now, my efforts are in managing my wild crazy October. This weekend's art show in Tryon, NC is a new one for an old and well-established group "Tryon Arts and Crafts". Friday's cold front appears to have little moisture with it, and nice fall-feeling weather for Saturday and Sunday.

'Nuff mopping for now. Gotta go put some finish coats on a couple of flutes to get my day going!

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