Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Like the residents of River CIty, Iowa waiting for the Wells Fargo wagon to arrive, so I awaited my copies of Halloween pictures of my niece and nephew, Ellen and William. My brother did not disappoint!

It was a hare-raising night for Ellen, while William jumped for joey.

I know, you groaned and said, "don't quit your day job!" Too late!

Speaking of which, along with the house demo-ing I'm doing, I'm working all week in my former News 14 shift pulling the early AM weather shift. Alas, today's entry is REALLY short as, through last-minute sicknesses and schedule shifting, I have to work a double-double today, handling both Charlotte and Greensboro markets from 5am through 5pm. Not time enough to write with that load! Have a good 'un, all y'all!

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