Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"The Time Has Come..."

As of the end of last Saturday, 41% of registered voters in North Carolina had already cast their votes early. And by the looks of things this morning, at least at my polling place, it is going to be a record-shattering turnout. And well it should.

Being a lark has its advantages when it comes to super sales immediately after Thanksgiving, and Election Day. With nary an alarm, I was up just before 4:00 am, in line by 5:50am, and once the polls opened at 6:30 am was on my home just before 7:00 am. But, oh, the line out there at 7...whew!!!

This evening will be most interesting as the numbers flood in...while many of us are sick and tired of the ads, the rhetoric, the bashing, the educated guessing, and the like, there is something exciting about it. This is far from some ho-hum election, to say the least. Typical overload for us, naturally, and plenty of irksome, noisome facets that drove each of us a little crazy in different ways.

In fact, before turning off the light last night, my jaw dropped...I actually heard a Beverly Purdue ad that told me what she stood for instead of bashing Pat McCrory for 30 seconds. For safe keeping, I turned to the Weather Channel to make sure Hell hadn't frozen over.

Change is inevitable, not to mention sorely needed. We have a long row to hoe, and we all have to continue doing our part to affect the changes we want. What more powerful way to do that than to VOTE.

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