Friday, May 08, 2009

"Fried Friday: Common 'Sense'..."

They say one person's trash is another's treasure.

They also say one person's trash is another's breeding ground for sheer idiocy...


Trash collection is an important thing. Just look what a mess was created when years ago New York City sanitation workers went on strike and how quickly an unhealthy situation arose. Governments and private companies alike set up efficient, planned schedules so that refuse can be effectively handled and put in proper landfills. No easy task, I'm sure.

Alas, trash stinks.

And so does this week's story.

A villager in Lower Austria province did like any responsible citizen does and properly disposes of his rubbish. And like any responsible citizen he pays his bills. Or does he?

His latest bill was for 236.36 Euros, which in today's exchange rate is US $316.67. Yes, that's a whopper of a bill, but the article doesn't mention anything about how all that is calculated, the time frame reference, etc. So we'll let those particulars slide.

Unfortunately for the villager, he let something slide he shouldn't have. Something that brought the government sledge hammer down on him, hard. Something that sent a bailiff to his house with a legal summons, and threats of prosecution.

Yes, the egregious error was leaving off the 0.36 Euros and paying only the US $316.00. The miscreant forgot to add in the US $0.67, which naturally bothered SOMEbody in the sanitation division enough to send a government law official to the villager's house to collect the debt.

And charge him an additional 5 Euros ($6.70) for the 'trouble'.

The 'trouble' I see is somebody somewhere traded in their common sense for common cents.

Let that be a penny for your thoughts, today...

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