Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The ol' shell game...

You have to admit that as much as you hate all that is going on in the economy, and within our social and religious institutions, you still wonder how others make the decisions they do...

South Carolina governor, and pricey land-holder in various areas, Sanford has chosen to make his own politically voiced stand by not accepting US government bail-out money...at the expense of education, among other 'arms'.

Which all seems to tie in with the onslaught of maddening and sickening anti-Obama email posts from the Christian conservative right-wing that perfolate my email in-box. I can tell you this: I did not vote for George W. Bush and opposed virtually all he stood for and 'did'. But NEVER would I have subscribed to mass emails with the level of hatred conservative Republican/Christian-conservative people are sending out now per Obama. I'm about to make some friends 'enemies' by standing up to their vitriol and calling a spade a spade, knowing they'll most likely chuck a spear my direction. I no longer care. The gloves are off.

We in the U.S. have become a society with plenty of whiny, self-righteous citizens who decry that they stand for ALL that is RIGHT and GOOD and JUST and HOLY...which by their own doing demonstrates they are NOT ANY of that. "We founded this country on Christian principles! Don't let them be taken away!" is the common battle cry, which proves only one thing: you are a pathetic historian. In the name of Christ and God we damn near annihilated beautiful indigenous Nations by stealing, cheating, abusing, and lying at every opportunity. That's about as anti-Christian and hypocritical as you can get. Fact is, these are desperate times trying to re-right the sinking ship from the past 8 years (and more, I'll admit) and that means stepping on some toes that have loved the attention and power up 'til now.

Like it or lump it, Shallow-minded chest-beaters. You want to keep boasting how great and perfect your ideals are? Get ready to take a return salvo, because I, for one, won't sit here and take it. When you are ready and willing to entertain discussion of what is best for the 'whole' of society instead of your narrow-minded world, let me know...as it stands, you want to cover your own conservative butt and nothing less. So be it. You do not own any railroad, here.

Send me mass emails that assail efforts to 'make good' and I will reply to "all". After all, if you have the 'right' to forward such emails, I have the 'right' to forward my response.

The best response of all is to accept that we need to COMPROMISE and come to a center line of give and take...and if you are someone unwilling to do that, then enjoy cutting off your nose to spite your face. NO one person or ideology owns the world. Not one.

Too, in these poisonous emails are facts that have been greatly distorted to fit the agenda of the author and sender. Some are just outright lies. If one honestly seeks TRUTH, which I doubt some do, try to get the facts straight first by checking the story through




If you don't, I certainly will. Bashing only divides and offers no uniting...except of birds with similar feathers.


Anonymous said...

I knew I adopted my four Ugly Boys from a kindred spirit. I've sent much the same response to the senders of far too many hate filled emails in recent years. Good to know I'm not alone :-)

Bob Child said...

No, we are not alone. We pick and choose our battles, of course, and I for one disdain bullies, which is the manner in which these people behave.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Bob! I'm thrilled that you have the guts to stand up to people who assume that their beliefs are correct. They need to remember that what you believe is in some part an accident of birth - if you had a different set of parents, you might just believe as the "others" do. One other point, as Nevada Barr says in her new book set in Big Bend National Park - we are all immigrants, the only difference is when our boat landed. Abigail

Bob Child said...

Amen, Abigail! Immigrants, indeed. Too, I'm reminded of George Bernard Shaw's words of wisdom: "All great truths begin as blasphemies."

Bobbye said...

Where is the "like" button? :-)