Friday, May 01, 2009

It stands to reason that more people are picking up lottery tickets these days in hopes of winning a piece of that mostly mystical pie of financial freedom. Heck, many of us would be more than thankful for a few hundred dollars, much less millions.

Times are tough. Times will be tough for some time to come. We are all looking at ways in which we can save money and cut back our costs. In like manner, we also look at what we can possibly do to expand our income.

And there ain't nothin' like a 'vision' to jumpstart an upswing in things...


There in a dusty little border town between, you guessed it, California and Mexico, Las Palmas restaurant has its devoted 'regulars' who frequent the eatery.

I imagine the workers and patrons are in pretty much a 'routine' of sorts insofar as a daily schedule for imagine one worker's jaw-dropping surprise as they went to clean up at the end of a regular day...

And just what could cause a commotion that has spread like a Santa Ana wildfire?

Arnold Schwarzenegger dropping by for a quick taco?

Jerry Brown making an early campaign stop in his bid to be governor again after 30 years?

Millions in bearer bonds left on a stool by a Mexican drug lord lackey with the note "please deposit and enjoy"?

No, better than all that (well, not more so than those bearer bonds would be!)...

Yep, if you want instant fame and an inundating swarm of people, you need only one thing.

The Virgin Mary. Our Lady of Guadalupe.

There, on the grill, the cook spied the 'likeness' before running the scraper over the residue, and as they always say, the rest is history.

And now a shrine in a storage room, as they immediately 'retired' the grill and put in a new one.

The Associated Press account was limited in details, but did reference one of the group of masked wrestlers (!) that happened to have seen it for themselves as they were passing through. A "Mr. Tempest" was quoted as saying, "This is amazing. It is a true miracle."

There you have it. Proof yet again that one person's trash is another's treasure.

The only problem I see down the road is that this will be nigh impossible to sell on eBay because of the shipping charges.

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