Friday, July 17, 2009

"Fried Fridays: For the love of...!"

(cue game show music)

First, we have Michelle Cawthra (30)...
Next is Hysear Don Randell (40)...
Lastly...Trudy Randell (37)

Come on down! You're the next contestants on
"I Want To Win An Orange Jumpsuit!"


Love triangles have been around for all time, in all shapes and forms. In and of themselves, it's nothing new. I imagine most if not all get pretty twisted and strange in time. Thankfully, no one was knocked off in this one.

In fact, Denver police authorities say they got along quite well.

Well enough to swindle $11 million from August 2005 to July 2007 from the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR). And they did it through quietly funneling unclaimed tax monies through various fake accounts they set up.

On the surface we have Michelle, former CDOR supervisor, deeply in love with Hysear....only Hysear was married, and so we have this love-stricken vixen that was luring Hysear away from his wife Trudy, supposedly. Trudy had outward 'suspicions' but played it a little dumb.

Sometimes good ol' lurid sex is enough to drive the loco-motive, but Michelle sweetened the pot with money from "a family trust fund"...lots of money. Seems as though Hysear gladly accepted her 'advances' to pay for delinquent child deals...diamond business ventures.

All from Cawthra's 'family trust fund', of course. They say love is blind, and apparently Michelle was born without eyeball sockets...

In part of her testimony she was quoted saying, "I did things I don't think I otherwise would have done had I not been in love with him."

(cue the cricket chirps)

Pearls of wisdom this woman is full of...she went on to state that she didn't benefit from the $11 million dollars she helped steal for her Prince Charming. Oh, well she did get some jewelry and trips out of the moolah, but she didn't 'benefit' from it...

(crickets now confused whether they should chirp or not)

Apparently even the 'innocent victim' wife Trudy had her hand in the cookie jar and has also been indicted for helping set up fake accounts for money transfers, etc.

Clearly Michelle was the mastermind who actually forged documents, cleared the way for transfer into fake accounts, and regularly used coworkers passwords to do her dirty work so as to avoid detection.

Love is a many splendored thing.

So is an orange jumpsuit, I suppose.

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