Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Delivery day!

(click pics to enlarge)

I think I could tweak and tweak and tweak myself into trouble with flutes...the more you look closely, the more you can see you want to diddle with, seeing things that 999 out of 1,000 pair of eyes would never ever see! Alas, gussying up the 5 flutes to take to Asheville today, Tuesday, for judging later this week,for potential membership in the Southern Highland Craft Guild.

Too, yesterday was a squirrely one that I won't go into detail about...except to say when you're looking for a break for things to slow down so you can catch your breath, that's when a bevvy of other things flare up like a California wildfire! Can I get an "AMEN!" from the choir???!!!

For today, I'm posting detailed pics of just the freshly finished Green Heron flute (low E), complete with carved creek and trio of Grandfather rocks. The body is figured Black Walnut, and the block is a single piece of Basswood (plus the glass eyes).

What's peculiar about photography sometimes is how certain colors don't translate exactly; while the Heron's head looks rather light and blue, it's grayer and darker...tweak as I might I couldn't get a great match, but you get the idea!

Lastly, I took a group shot of the 5 show flutes I'm turning in:

From top to bottom they are:

1. "Praying Hands" (mid F#) in Papua New Guinea Walnut, Dogwood and Bloodwood
(loaned from private collection)

2. "Jonah and the Whale" (low E) in Makore with a Galilean boat of Peruvian Walnut
(loaned from private collection)

3. "Great Blue Heron" (low E) in Quilted Maple, burl caps, dragonfly inlay and Poplar head
(loaned from private collection)

4. "Green Heron" (low E) per above

5. "Thunderbird" (mid G) in figured Black Walnut and Claro Walnut T-bird w/ turquoise

I'll show some of the details in other flutes in forthcoming blogs shortly. For now, I've been burning waaaaay too much midnight oil during the daylight hours so I'm going to go pull my plug. Y'all be good now, y'hear?!


DAVID said...

Hey Bob!

The flutes look great! My, you are an imaginative person. I know you are proud of your work and I wish you much success in the jurying process. Long time no see, but maybe we can get together one of these days at a show somewhere. All the best, my friend!


Bob Child said...

Howdy, master potter! It's been too long...a crazy busy year it's been, and I hope you are having fun throwing new works, yourself! We should get together, and waiting for a show will be too long - plus, I'm doing no shows around the Piedmont at this time. We'll hook up soon, friend!