Friday, August 21, 2009

"We interrupt this program..."

Look as I might, I wasn't led to any particular story that tripped my "Fried Fridays" trigger, and with my early AM shift at News 14 today I have to move on to other things. Apologies, loyal readers!

(click on pics to enlarge)

With that said I'm putting up pics of one of the 5 flutes I turned in Tuesday for jurying, and one of my all-time faves: my Great Blue Heron flute, that is now part of a Charlotte school's museum. They graciously loaned it back to me for a couple of weeks...always a thrill to see an old 'kid' of mine and take it out for a whirl!

The body is Quilted Maple from the Pacific Northwest, capped on both ends with Madrone burl. Black Walnut was used around the finger put those in, you tune the flute, then drop a 1/2" drill bit into the center. Add in a 1/2" plug of your wood of choice, sand to the barrel, then redrill the original sized hole in the center and fine-tune. Makes for a nice touch.

The block is a single piece of Poplar, carved and burned to it's final shape. I didn't have taxidermy eyes back when I made this so I painted inserted beads. When I get into fragile territory like the breeding plumage off the back of the head, I impregnate it with a watery superglue to strengthen it.

The inlaid dragonfly was made with Turqouise and Lapis for the body, and crushed Abalone and Aluminum dust for the gossamer wings. The Heron and Dragonfly make a nice totem tandem. (FYI, the holes below the dragonfly are simply tuning holes)

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