Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"On the road again..."

Had to make a long one-day run to Atlanta and back today, Wednesday, which is a bit disruptive to blogging and finishing other tasks! But I do have a little taste of what's to come early next week fer ya, and since I have my laptop with me I can take a breather and post these snaps quickly while I'm on the hoof...

Still have minor burning to tend to, then it's time to paint the Green Heron head and have it come to life Thursday. It's the first time I've used taxidermy eyes (VanDykes) instead of painting beads, etc., and I like 'em a lot. I had to add back in a brow line which I used epoxy with fine sawdust mixed in. However, with all the rain and humidity Tuesday, it was taking a lot longer to tack up and harden on the outside, so I held off doing some final blending steps until I get back. FYI, the beak is darker because I always like to use a watery super-glue to impregnate parts that potentially are fragile.

Fun stuff, it is.
Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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