Thursday, August 27, 2009

The good ol' days....

As I was going through files of stuff and clutter, creating folders and files of things worth saving and jettisoning the rest, I ran across something I'd somehow not lost in all my shuffles and it got me to thinking about my TV years, now that I only pinch-hit for weather.

First and foremost I've always been the weather guy, getting my start at WRIC-8 in Richmond, Virginia. My favorite years were the 3.5 I worked on-air at The Weather Channel (Atlanta), which was a great place to work. Can't say I'm fond at all of what and how they do things now, but back several years it was very much a feeling of 'family'.

As that all started I was the weekend person at WLOS in Asheville from 5a until midnight, doing all the shows...which back then included an hour-long live Saturday and Sunday morning show that was not your 'normal' type of show you see today. The main anchor, Suzanne Hudson, was a go-getter in setting up creative interviews and segments each week, which were filtered in with the regular news, weather, and sports. There was "Craft Chick" who came in to demonstrate creative things that can be made at home by children...Father Frank (priest) who did some whizbang cooking on the set...before a Super Bowl we had 4 different Barcolounger chairs and did a tongue-in-cheek 'tester' segment with production personnel in the studio...they would sit, wiggle their butts, pretend like their picking up/putting down a 'soda', seeing how quickly they could draw the remote out to freeze the action...they were fun shows and viewers ate it up.

And the station canned 'em. Sinclair Broadcasting, need I say more?

Figured you'd get a kick out of this Polaroid an unnamed viewer sent in, with the following hand-written note:

Like to have some fun with Bob,
show him that he has one fan, "Sweet Pea".
I think he likes Bob."

Apparently this fluffy feline would go and sit in front of the TV and watch me every time I came on to do the weather! And so this shot was sprung on me at the end of the show, full screen...crying shame that type of show is all but gone from the airwaves.
Time to go walk ye ol' pup and stretch my legs...looks like the forecast gets wet tomorrow with Danny Boy coming up the coast. Wheeeedoggies!


Bill C. said...

Too funny! I had a cat that liked MTV. She'd actually sit and watch. She showed no interest in anything else. So sometimes I'd leave it on for her.

Bob Child said...

Hope you didn't come home one day to find your cat with spiked blue hair down the middle of her head!

Bill C. said...

No, luckily not. Thank God for no opposible thumbs. She couldn't open the bottle of color.