Thursday, March 11, 2010


"Of all God's creatures,
there is only one
that cannot be made
the slave of the leash.
That one is the cat.
If man could be
crossed with a cat
it would improve man,
but it would
deteriorate the cat."

     -   Mark Twain

I'm a boogie woogie kind of piano man, and I remember the title of one old, old song called "Kitten on the Keys".  Click on the title and go to a page that plays that 1921 creation, if'n ya want to tap your toes a bit! (Note: if you don't have Quicktime installed on your computer, I don't think it will work...sorry!)

An early morning email from a pet food company had a little story about Nora the piano cat...which led me to search for this 'amazing' cat that has put out her own CD.  OK, take it with a grain of salt...found a YouTube video of her in action...would have liked to see her really go at it for a period of time, but the video is full of jump cuts which tells me Nora has a limited attention span when it comes to tickling the ivories.

However, I did find Nora featured in a "Catcerto" that was cute and nicely composed and edited...give it a second for the feline to get doing her thing as an orchestra plays to Nora's video interpretation of...something....

(note: Blogger's column width is cutting a little of the screen off on the can double click on the screen below and go to the YouTube entry and actually enlarge to full screen)

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