Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Orangutan and the Hound

What lovely weather we are having in the Carolinas! Setting aside the tornadic weather last Sunday, of course. While the mornings start chilly, the afternoons are far from shabby, and March is heading out like a fluffy lamb.

It's not like I'm loaded with free time on my hands, but I'm throwing this out there for those of you that are fluties and those that are into portable media....I am going to begin creating podcasts, MP3 files you can download and take with you to listen to whenever and wherever.

While I know I want to make them for my site, I was also thinking about making a version available for this blog, maybe starting with the Fried Fridays since they are perfect for audio-only candidates.

So I throw that thought out there and would appreciate any feedback anyone has for me. Would you prefer them to be really short, or limited to X number of minutes? Fluties can suggest topics...I know one will be on the steps I took to create a particular song, where I talk and play the pieces as they came together...I'll discuss types of wood and which are my favorite and which you can keep away from me (!)...and such topics. Per this blog, I think I may go back some and make them for just Fried Fridays, maybe throwing in a special one like yesterday's post worth listening to or sharing.

Mull, mull, mull. Which reminds me of Molly's little name that seems to come out of my mouth: Mol-Mol. Which reminds me she gets her spaying stitches out tomorrow. Which reminds me she gets to ditch that useful but horrid Elizabethan Collar. Which reminds me I took it off a few days ago since she simply doesn't bother the incision. Which reminds me to not let the vet know about this blog post...

My dear friend Dave recently sent a link to a most wonderful video from National Geographic, a beautiful story between an ol' hound dog and a precocious orangutan. Not only is it worthy of passing on, but at the bottom of the linked page is a link to "Other Wisdom" wherein I found some very worthy material. I end this post with a thought-provoking video on "The Wounded Healer" that I found on that page. Enjoy.

Orangutan and the Hound (click on the phrase for link)

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