Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Whatever's Day.....

Once upon a time, in a make-believe land far far away, there was a holiday that caused much consternation to some, namely those of Irish descent that had a fetish for propriety that was, well, just plain vapid.  Keep in mind this is 'make-believe', so don't think that a news professional wrote this memo to fellow workers a little over a week ago...(wink, wink)

"Hi all,

In the next few days, I'm sure many of us will be writing a story about St. Patrick and all of the events surrounding this day.  This is just my annual reminder for us to write and say St. Patrick, not St. Patty's, Paddy's or any other version of the name.  Many Irish find this offensive (and often write me lots of emails when we say it incorrectly).    We don't call Christmas, X-Mas, or Martin Luther King, please call St. Patrick by his full and actual name. 

Thanks for saving me a lot of messages in my inbox.

(make-believe person)"

I'll start by digressing and challenge the assertion that "many" find it offensive...and to remind this (make-believe) author that it's Martin Luther King, JR. day, since he or she is into the prim and proper... 

I was even told this same (make-believe) person asked a meteorologist to not use the dancing leprechaun icon on the 7-day outlook as it was 'incorrect' and 'offensive'...

I happened to be working 'someplace' last Friday and thanks to a bad technical issue spent some time with the head IT guru solving the issue.  He's full Irish, in every way.  At some random point, I asked him about the 'St. Patrick' vs. 'St. Paddy' idea and he immediately guffawed that the (make- believe) memo was a total crock of you-know-what.

I don't doubt the (make-believe) person got some emails, but I'm personally sick and tired of squeaky wheels getting all the grease.  I'm all for things proper and non-offensive, but there is a limit to allowed zealousness in my book.  For this (make-believe) person to put out this (make-believe) email, it should open the legitimate door for a like-rebuttal...but, oh no, one dare not challenge a manager.

I'm Scotch-Irish, so a bit of a mongrel to Irish purists, I'm sure....but I've talked with MANY Irish who are not in the least bothered by references like Paddy and such..after all, it is THE most common name, and a legitimate derivation.  Even "Patrick" is an Anglicized version of the Irish vernacular "Padraig", from which Paddy naturally derived.  It leaves me wondering if it's Nationalist toes that were being stepped on or religious ones...the latter which tend to be highly intolerant on myriad levels.

So, just musing over the weird taste in my mouth from that (make-believe) memo.  The day's almost over, and my green shirt will go in the dirty clothes bin, even though I didn't go anywhere in public today.  C'est la guerre.

Big thing is in the morrow Miss Molly will be going in for her spaying.  I know all will be fine, but ya still worry when one of your 'kids' goes in for anything dealing with anesthesia.  Maybe it will calm her chewing habit some...I can only hope!

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