Friday, December 12, 2008

"Fried Fridays: A No-Brainer..."

While on any given week choosing a "Fried Fridays" is like shooting fish in a barrel, this week lent itself to just one big stinkin' fish that wasn't worth wasting an arrow on...


Look, let's cut to the chase. While I believe like most of us that someone is innocent until proven guilty, there are those times where 'innocence' is in the land of make-believe and fairy tales. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has created a mess worse than global warming at the North Pole at Christmas.

(AFP/Getty Images/Scott Olson)

Trust me, I could go on and on, point by point of what he has been accused of and associated with, but that would be regurgitating that which has already been heard around the world several times over. You've either already heard it or can find it on a hundred search engines.

He's a pathetic excuse for a leader and should step down immediately, though his raging ego has other ideas, so it would seem.

Given the light of this holiday season I thought that, instead of lambasting him, I should create a Fried Friday's "Top 10 Gift List" of things on Santa's List for Illinois Governor Blagojevich at this tender time...


10. 5 free consultations with Dr. Phil

9. A Vidal Sassoon hair make-over

8. A free copy of "Senate for Sale" by I.M. Alouse

7. Executive post at "Deny-ers Annonymous"

6. 3 directorship jobs for his wife so she won't feel left out

5. V.I.P. meeting with Goofy at DisneyWorld

4. Week-long bonding visit with his father-in-law

3. Live appearance on "Deal or No Deal"

2. Tickets to "Hamlet" at the Kennedy Center in Washington

and the #1 Christmas gift on Blagojevich's list....

1. A "Get Out Of Jail Free" Monopoly card.


Ho, ho, ho, y'all!!!

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Suzy said...

LOL on your "top 10" list! And a harty "Amen!" to this one "beating all" for the Fried Fridays winner!! Another chapter written in the great big book called "Leaders Who Are Jokes ..... And Jerks"!

Suzy :)