Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Out with the old..."

It's that time of the year where we bid farewell to the end of a calendar year and say hello to a new one, and lay bets on when we'll write the first check with the wrong year on it (that used to be a bit more humorous before the explosion of on-line payments, of course!)

I don't have the greatest of computer connections today, so I'm truncating this post a bit. Spread across the news and entertainment programs right now are constant year-end reviews of the top stories, be they positive, negative, hopeful, dreadful, comical, pathetic, you name it.

So I figured whattheheck, I'll throw in my link to a website chock full of "Top 10 Lists from 2008" that you can peruse at your pleasure, assuming you have a better connection than I! It's from Time and CNN, so I will assume it is a 'safe' site from which to pick your categories. Just click on the graphic below to go there:

Wacky news, wacky weather...this year is going out with bravado, and not much of it on the positive end of the scales. And yet, hope does spring eternal, and we have the choice to try and make the best of the cards we're dealt. When a door shuts, two windows open, as an old saying goes and I choose to believe. Which reminds me of a puzzler...

You've been put in a sealed concrete room with no windows, with the walls being 4 feet thick with steel rebar in the middle; too, the 12-inch thick steel door was sealed and bolted from the outside after you went in. There are 2 tiny 2-inch air vents so that fresh air can come in. There is a tiny 1/2-inch pipe with a 3-inch drain below it so you can get water. There is a small 25-watt light bulb in the center of the ceiling some 20 feet over your head. The only other items in the room are a small, round wooden table and a small hand saw. While most would despair and would give up before trying, you suddenly realize how easy it is to get out rather quickly and easily. Pray tell how?

If you've ever watched a good magician at work, their sleight of hand tricks work because they divert your attention to places or things that are not where the action is...that is to say when you're watching the left hand, the right is doing else...

Per the word puzzler, many of the details are insignificant, and I could have put more in or drawn the limited details out into more detail to make you think there is important information therein. Alas, outside of the table and saw, all else is fluff...

Oh yeah, how to get out:

1. Take the saw and cut off the table legs.
2. Cut the round table in half.
3. Place the two halves together against the wall.
4. You now have a 'whole' to escape through.

Good thing you can't throw rotten tomatoes at me through the computer....

See y'all next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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