Friday, December 05, 2008

"Fried Fridays: Would you like fries with that?"

Slowly getting back into the patterned blog groove..."Fried Fridays" had taken a hiatus the past couple of weeks due to crazy 'life' schedule!

For the uninitiated, I created these "Fried Friday" blogs for a very good reason. For those that work a 'normal' job and hours Monday through Friday, we are all rather 'fried' when Friday rolls around. And given I work in the news industry, I see a lot of strange, funny, stupid, zany, and just plain, well, 'fried' news stories come across the desk. Hence my tribute every Friday sharing with you a story that is unique, to say the least. It goes without saying that the choices are many. However, this week is a little different...

It was love at first bite.



(Couldn't dig even any names up in this report, so I'll have to recount this story between "he" and "she"...)

He and she were but 22, in love enough to have or share a home together. Afterall, it's the holidays, which is both festive, fun...and can bring out the worst in people and stress levels, not to mention depression. But I digress...

He had a beef with her, apparently.

Make no buns about it, they got into a heated argument in the car outside of their home, after a trip to the local McDonalds.

When she tried to get out of the car, he locked her in. In response to his cheesy behavior, she threw his drink out of the car window. She had gotten fed up with his grilling her.

That's when he flipped.

In the heat of the argument, he took a cheeseburger out of its wrapper, grabbed her closest arm, and smashed the burger in her face.

As a policeman watched, the couple finally got out of the car, whereby he (not the policeman, which could have been a police woman, but I digress again...) took what was left of the Mickey D's special and smeared it on her face for a second time.

He was charged with assault (but no pepper spray) for his act of domestic violence, and released on $1,000 bond. There goes a thousand Cheeseburger Juniors...

I don't relish sharing such stories, but felt it a winner for Fried-not-Charbroiled Fridays post.

Plus, let it be food for thought...

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Suzy said...

I'm laughing too hard right now!

"Officer Big Mac" to the rescue! While he was just waiting to nab the "Hamburglar" and "Captain Crook" (remember all the McDonald's TV commercial characters back in the 70's when we were kids?!), he just happened to witness a real-life cheeseburger-smushing assault caper!
Where were the "Grimmace" and "Mayor McCheese" during all of this, I wonder??!! :)

Thanks for the fried food-for-thought laughs, Bob!!

Suzy :)