Friday, February 12, 2010

"Fried Fridays: Getting into the swing of things"

The economic bust has fueled unending frustration in the lives of many.  Yea, outright depression.  While it may be easy to think "well, things could be a lot worse", the fact is the average person is hurting in one way or the other.

We've got one long row to hoe, too.

Modern medicine has come a long way with medical technology and the development of medications to help in the treatment of myriad health conditions.  And, yes, you could successfully argue that all too many people over-medicate with too many prescriptions, and that we'd do well to turn towards more holistic solutions.

Or hole-istic ones....


Westley Strellis is either 23 or 24, depending on whether you believe him or the police report.  The young man has a history of severe depression and was/is currently taking Effexor XR to help him cope with life as he knew it.

Depression is still not terribly well understood, and can be downright crippling.  It imprisons you in a sea of hopelessness, making you feel almost immobile, unable to do anything...or feel like doing anything, anyway.

Just this past Wednesday, February 1o, Westley decided to shop at his local Wal-Mart, or Wally World as I call it.  There is no mention if he went for groceries, sundries, clothing, or more medication.  But it's safe to say he was able to pick up some of that hole-istic help...

Louisville Slugger style.

We do know he went to the sporting goods section and checked out the lineup of aluminum bats on hand, selecting one that had just the right feel for a comfortable, power-swing.  Once that item was checked off his list, he headed next door to the electronics section...for his therapy session.

With at least 29 swings, Westley "The Babe" Strellis systematically bashed the screens of 29 television sets.  The news accounts mentioned shocked customers slowly stepping back from the sets while the bashing took place...had I been there I'd suspect it was a hidden camera filming some sick joke for Reality TV, but I digress.

When he ruined #29, he immediately plopped on the floor and waited for security,  which upon their quick arrival he quietly held his hands forward for the automatic cuffing.  And that's all we know about this week's "fried" winner.

Oh, except for one more tidbit of information.  The drugmaker's website did list a disclaimer for possible side-effects from using Effexor XR: 

"(Patients should) be watched for becoming agitated, irritable, hostile, aggressive, impulsive, or restless."

Imagine that...

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