Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhog Day Poem

Roses are red,
Groundhogs are brown,
If "Phil" sees his shadow,
He's going DOWN!

...and I ain't talkin' his burrow, either.  If he sees his shadow, I'm gonna poison that rodent.  

Been many a year since I've seen such a problematic winter in the Southeast.  Models now flipping on this coming weekend's storm, with a significant bullseye of 20-24" pointing toward central Virginia.  Typical model wavering...here in NC the big question is does the precipitation get here before the cold air...and there is arctic air coming in behind it for sure, unlike the relative warmth we've had behind last weekend's system.  We shall see! 

I'm sure we've all had days reminiscent of the movie "Groundhog Day", deja vu and the same ol' same ol'.  "Oh, it's the weekend.  Let's have some wintry weather."  Where's Andie MacDowell when you need a good face slap, eh? 

Found a few cartoons that were cute, too....enjoy!

(you'll have to click on this last one to enlarge it)

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Suzy said...

Love the 3rd cartoon --- too funny!

Yes, I know what the REAL weather models indicate, but “Punxsutawney Phil” and various other rodent / marmot relatives ... it’s all marketing hype, that’s all it is ... a midwinter celebration of sorts ... which is fine! (People in the North --- and the South as well this winter! --- need some kind of “hope” by early February, LOL! Kinda like those newer road construction signs with the frowny and smiley faces ... road construction next 12 miles :( ... road construction only 6 more miles :) ... like it really matters, it’s still construction ... it’s still Winter!)

One has only to look at a calendar to realize where Feb 2 falls: 6 weeks past the Winter Solstice, and 6 weeks prior to the Spring Equinox. Shadow or no shadow, like it or not, Spring WILL arrive 6 weeks and a few days from today! Maybe the pundits and prognosticators should base their “early Spring / more Winter” forecasting on whether or not the slumbering groundhog they’ve just roused chooses to go back into hibernation!

Suzy :)