Friday, February 05, 2010

"Fried Fridays: Today, It's FUNNY Fridays!"

Let's just say the winter weather, in large part, has so screwed with my schedule week after week that if I were a train I'd have no wheels on any track.

I love the "Fried Fridays" column; however, some weeks there just aren't worthy stories, or stories that are worthy but are too politically incorrect, and best avoided (says my internal filter).  

I thought many might know of this video, but in case you haven't seen it, it's beyond a hoot.  It came well before it's time, like many miracles.....


Apple unveiled the iPad recently.  Yeah, neat, but not necessarily revolutionary, not like the iPhone.  No one really knew what was going to be unveiled, thanks to Steve Jobs' marketing prowess.

"I now present to you...the iPad!"

I've heard it quipped that there must not have been any women in the audience.  iTablet, I could see.  iPad, a bit of an immediate double entendre.

The hoot is, MAD TV did a skit for an iPad several YEARS ago...and many say that skit is what immediately came to mind.  Was not Apple aware of it?  Was it a purposeful piggy-backing of ideas for maximizing marketing efforts?  Make your own decision.  

Here is the iPad skit...I don't think a 'caution' is necessary as it's self-explanatory before you begin watching it!  Just mouse over the words below and click to see it:


Suzy said...

OMG!!! I've seen MadTV often enough, but I had not seen that skit! I am sooo LOL right now!! That is just 'wrong' on so many levels, but I am still LOL!!

Thanks for the fried laugh!!

Suzy :)

Bob Child said...

It's nothing short of a Holy Hoot - hard to believe they did that YEARS in advance!!!!

Bill said...

Allow me to share my all-time most favorite Southern expression:

"You're not right".

Too funny. ;)

Bob Child said...

I KNOW I'm not 'right'! Now pass the grits, please...