Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"Dear Diary..."

"Please remind me why I chose to alter my career path September 1..."

Actually, I don't need reminded. I experienced. And might I begin by saying this is ALL tongue in cheek (I think). Other fellow weather staffers here have experienced a whole lot more, and my hat is off to them.

Just haven't caught a break from any shift here for quite some time, no day excepted. I blogged earlier about the nigh insane last 2 weeks of full-time work, what with severe weather and tornados and extended days of multiple shifts...just the way the chips fell...
...to last Saturday's help with Hanna passing through (which I chose to do), which was a lot of busy work but nothing over-the-top...
...to tonight's atmospheric blow-up of storms that started hours ago near the 1-95 border with SC ("Pedro Sez" now GO HOME, STORMS!!!)...
...and for hours after that very those "Pedro-land" strong storms built along a boundary in a very odd direction to the northwest, later converging with a sizable area of storms coming out of the mountains, meeting in the northern Foothills...right in my market. It was a bona fide mess for anyone along the I-77 corridor late Monday night.

Even at midnight it wasn't done yet as Yadkin and Surry Counties were getting pummeled with lightning, heavy rain, and some hail. It was a real mess, and moving very slowly.

(radar grabbed sometime just after 12am;
Surry County t'storm warning is red box)

Normally storms die down at night, but this entire region has had some excellent upper level energy support that could have cared less about the sun's heating ability...it kept on feeding on itself until that energy dissipated, which was a rather slow process overall. One severe thunderstorm warning and one flash flood warning later, and it was tame enough to go to tape and head back to the ranch after 1am.

Did I sleep in, get a good rest so I can be-bop back in here this afternoon to do it all over again? In a word, no. Alas, I am signed up to speak to a hundred 2nd graders early in the morning and that show must go on. Too, today's PM shift is much stormier in outlook, so may need to go in a little early...and maybe stay late again. The irony is I hadn't seen "11pm" in a few years, so my goal was to make it to 11p last night...little did I know...!

To all my friends who are looking for me to 'get around' to getting some things done for them, it won't be happening. Not today. Apologies, but once again I'm a bit hogtied. When the rip current eases, I"ll "get her done!" for all y'all patient waiters.

Looking forward to the cool couple of days ahead Wednesday and Thursday, even if cloudy with some showers. just keep the tornadoes far, far away...

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