Monday, September 29, 2008

Just a thought to get you going...

"Change your opinions,

keep to your principles;
change your leaves,
keep intact your roots."

- Victor Hugo


Lots of change out there, far more than normal. Historic, even.

The Election.

The financial meltdown.

The empty gas pumps.

And that's just within our own borders...

Consumers are angry and fed up with with the old way of our doing 'business', and yet scared to death as we see investments, jobs, and security wobble significantly.

Just don't 'stop' what you're doing, pull in your awning, and hide...this is precisely the time to make adjustments with a clear and calm mind, and move forward into what may well appear to be a dark void. Go towards it with both eyes open and a quiet mind. You'll either step on solid ground or learn to fly very quickly.

Don't forget: rainbows come after storms.

P.S. Someone please remind me of this the next time I 'lose it'...!

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