Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hanna's arrival

The National Weather Service reported Tropical Storm Hanna made landfall at 3:20am along the SC/NC coast. Winds were at 70mph when it landed, with a noticeable 'wall' of water on the western edge...especially bad news for areas that saw the 8-12" of rain just over a week ago.

(click on pics to enlarge)

Just one of the heavy convection bands on the ESE side of Hanna's center of cirulation, pushed back so you can see the Southport and Wilmington markers at the bottom...

Same band, just a different angle...

...and more bands. Flooding is the big concern, and with saturated soils it won't take a lot of wind to bring down weaker trees and limbs and raise the potential for power outages. In the time I've been up there have not been tornadic cells that I've seen...but the flooding will continue to worsen, I'm afraid.

I'll be at News 14 on-air for the Triad from 9a-4p and more than likely won't have time to add to this...just thought you weather image junkies might like to see these early morning scans!

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