Friday, February 06, 2009

"Fried Fridays: A Two-Fer Day..."

Honestly, I'm getting at this post later than usual, and I'm not finding much that trips my trigger for a good ol' Fried Fridays roasting. We'll start with Cha...

Not Chai. And her claim to fame does not suit her to a "T"...or does it?


Cha is the only name given. The 60-year old Cha is the embodiment of, well, you decide.

Today, this Friday (February 6, 2009) could well be #772. Day 772. 772 consecutive (business) days.

It all started in April 2005, believe it or not. Cha doesn't miss a lick...well, that's not true, because she does...too much so.

Fails the written part of the driver's license test, she.

Before the driving test you have to score a minimum 60 on the written, and she's gotten as high as 50. I suppose an "A" is in order for perseverance, but the fact that she continually wastes her time and money (about $3,000 so far in fees) makes you wonder if she should ever be allowed behind the wheel of the car. I do muse that she'd probably do alright with all the other idiots out there on our interstates, though...

And now we migrate to a "Funny Friday" with the following forwarded email per a first grade school assignment. The students were asked to draw a picture that had something to do with their family. Behold the drawing that one girl drew and turned in...which was then graded and sent home (click to enlarge):

The child's mother sent back a note for the teacher to 'explain' things a bit:

"Dear Ms. Davis,

I want to be very clear about my child's drawing. Contrary to what it appears, I am not doing a pole dance in a strip joint. I work at a hardware store and took my daughter with me to work on our snow day last week. Naturally, people came in droves to buy sleds and snow shovels, of which the latter we had sold out. In going through the warehouse I did find one extra shovel, and when I brought it out I was surrounded by people wanting to buy it. I hope this clarifies matters.

Mrs. Harrington

Made up or not, it's cute. Carpe Diem, y'all!

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