Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Showers passed through last night, giving a drink of water to the ground warm from the gorgeous day Monday. Alas, clearing skies and colder air quickly froze some of the liquid before it could run off or soak in, making for frozen car doors, among other early morning fun.

On top of my car were these wonderful crystallization patters that I thought were worthy of some pictures. With just a few tweaks on contrast and removal of color, as well as selective cropping, I present to you another world that is rather like Ansel Adams-esque geomorphology (creation of landforms):

(click on pics to enlarge)

The only way you could really see the patterns was to look at a low angle to the surface...when you photograph, the plane of focus is vertical to the camera, and with there being a great distance from foreground to background, only a band in the middle is relatively sharp, hence my horizontal croppings. It would have been nice to look straight down onto the top and get the picture, but little of the patterns would have been visible.

Always fun to see things from a different perspective. Enjoy the bright day!


Bill Cassidy said...

Reminiscent of the Mars rovers. There's Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity and now Bob!

P.S. - Great shots!

Bob Child said...

Thanks, Bill - I had first thought the same thing, Mars...and those scenes were flat as a pancake this morning!