Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Enough, already...

The radar grab below tells only part of the story, as heavy rains are currently falling on the right side of the screen with Ida's remnants moving slowly toward the Southeast Atlantic coast. The large red splash is in the Appalachians, where flooding issues have and continue to be a problem, with growing concerns east as their heavy rain falls. (click pic to enlarge).

Forgive me if I posted the following video before...I can't remember and don't feel like searching, but it's appropriate for the gloppy slop outside. I think it was Rita that sent this (thanks!)...the poor video quality is fine since this is more about the audio...if you close your eyes you wouldn't know it's a choir singing a song without saying one word...using their bodies percussively to imitate rain....turn your speakers up and give a listen!

And now to leave you with a bit of weather humor....

Q. Why did God create economists?

A. To make weathermen look good!

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mom2ahrj said...

LOVE that video! now to figure out how to download it! lol!
btw, i have entered the bloggy world too - - stop by sometime and check it out :-)