Monday, November 30, 2009

T-minus 25 and counting...

Happy December, y'all! My show season is over (thankfully!) and I'm staring at a momentarily wide-open plate in front of me. I've been adding lots to my flute website, things that needed to have been taken care of long before now, but better late than never.

I was watching "The Santa Claus" the other night when this particular song came on and, well, I can't get it out of my head. It's The Drifters version of White Christmas, and every year I've put the link to the cute cartoon video of Santa and his reindeer singing it. Alas, thanks to a copyright dispute (afterall these years of the video up online) the video is no longer available. *SIGH*

I was looking for other fun things...Elf bowling is quite old, and last year it was Elf Yourself...and since I've been coming up empty for blog stuff today, I figured I'd go get ready to do some massive cleaning and reorganizing before more rain comes tomorrow and the coldest air since last winter by week's end.

I will say it was funny to watch Molly have her first experience of thin ice coating the deck just a bit ago...not unlike the Bambi and Thumper scene on that frozen pond! Her long gangly legs went 90 ways to nowhere as she slipped and tumbled and twirled with a priceless expression on her face. She quickly learned how to handle it though...sorry, no pics!

I've spent the past couple of days really working on the website, and while it has many miles to go before I get it where I want, I've finally gotten stuff up that should have been long ago. There is a new page of "Art stuff" that I've wanted to put up, and will now be adding to it regularly. Too, most of the flutes have sound samples posted, as well, another 'needed' thing I've finally gotten around to doing. The link to the flute site is to the top left of this page, fyi.

Heading up and moving out, Saddle Pals...y'all be good now, y' hear?

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