Tuesday, November 10, 2009

glub glub glub, y'all!

Well, just here in parts of the Southeast are we once again donning scuba gear to run to the store. Ol' Ida has been quite the thorn in forecasters' sides, and certainly proof that a system doesn't have to be a hurricane to carry a big punch. The I-40 rockslide jam will have to be a ghost town for several days...taking all this falling water with the new cracks and fissures, and it's a dangerous situation, so DOT has pulled out for the moment.

While the 'flu' is gone from my body, it took with it my energy and 'drive' in a big way. Slowly getting it back, slowly getting some flute and woodwork done, but not feeling like blogging, or at least anything more in depth than what I have today.

News this morning of new pending legislation to help protect consumers from bank credit card gouging practices is turning out to be exactly what I knew it would: an opportunity for banks to find other ways that are equally as draining on consumers to make their money. My analogy is that the banks have driven Rolls Royces for years, and are totally unwilling to scale down to something like a 700 series BMW. Banks call it smart business; I call it a greed factor that is starting to get a bit of a stench, especially since we bailed their @sses out of an abyss. The way I see it, the common man is hurting greatly, and financial insitutions have done precious little to help out. And now news of new banking screws that they'll retaliate with by tightening as soon as legislation is passed.

Which is why there's nothing better to do than post some pics of the new puppy Molly. Mercy is doing MUCH better with her, and it's cute to see them get along so much better...I just don't have pics of that improvement to pass on at the moment! So, here is the darling furball in all her loveable looks...

My art show season has the last one the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, at an indoor show in Franklin, NC ("Mistletoe Magic"). Given the time of year, and given the plethora of nice wood scraps that are too small or thin for flutes, I've been experimenting with making some Southwest motif ornaments with my scroll saw. Too, at shows people always ask about the decorative metal kokopellis I have on display, and decided to start making some test designs that I can have for sale along with the flutes. Certainly makes for a much lower price point, so my rainy day efforts are primarily coming up with some other designs.

With that said, it's time to go scrappin'!

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