Thursday, January 14, 2010

As the old saying goes....

"If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all!"

Sitting here at Firestone writing this quick update, with a suggestion at the end.

Came out of work at News 14 last night, started to pull out of the parking lot and heard a noise. Lo and behold I had a flat tire on the passenger rear. Pulled into an area with at least a little light...but I'd had this car a year and had never looked at the spare or into the rear compartments. The tire had a big ol' metal screw stuck in the tread. Wheeeeeeee.

Subaru, even on their older models, have a really thorough little set-up, insofar as a removable tray with tools and other nice touches. Though a 1991 vintage, the car jack, I can guarantee you, had never seen the light of day...'twas in perfect unblemished condition. The donut tire looked just as perfect.

Can't say it was the fastest tire change as I had to find out where everything was, and without the help of a flashlight it was a tad more trying. Nonetheless, I was on my way soon enough. Kept my speed at 45mph as something didn't feel totally right, but didn't have to hit an expressway or anything like that.

Planned on getting to Firestone when they opened at 730a, as I'd bought my new tires there in July and had road hazard insurance on the tires. Planned on walking the pups at O-dark-thirty and then going over...with pups loaded I took off, only to have the rear of the car start swaying to the side a bit...pulled into the nearby gas station and, voila, the donut tire had suddenly gone flat. Found out the stem cracked at the base, I guess from age of just sitting without use.

You know the planets are misaligned when you get a double whammy like that during non-business hours. Ah, a joke...

What do my tire and I have in common? We both got screwed. As I typed that my wireless mouse batteries just died. And it's only 9am......

Thank goodness for AAA Plus. Found out I needed an inspection, which will help me avoid a $500 fine with this new stickerless inspection system NC get no reminders, and it's up to you to remember the inspection is due 1 month prior to your tag renewal. Not on my list of things to remember.

Words of wisdom...keep a flashlight in the car somewhere, check your spare tire to make sure it's ready to roll if you need it, and make sure all the tools you might need are where they should be.

Then you glance at the TV in the waiting area, Haitian devastation plastered everywhere. So I was thrown off into a very inconvenient unplanned schedule. There are worse things.

Far worse.


Bill said...

I had an old Subaru (that was somewhat new at the time) and the spare tire was in the engine compartment. Did they still do that in 1991?

I'm with you on the comparison with Haiti. I get annoyed when I'm incovenienced. I don't know what what real troubles are! (Thank God for that.) Let's keep those people in our thoughts and prayers.

Bill said...

Hi Bob, can I use your blog to share some info regarding Haitian aid? I know a couple from Charlotte named Tim and Debbie Vanderbeek. They moved to Haiti several years back to work with an orphanage. Below is a web address that Debbie is posting too. Heart rendering stories. People can contribute to help with the relief there.


Bob Child said...

No problem, Bill...this is one very serious and LONG running problem that will last waaaaaaay beyond immediate clean-up, Haiti. I just hope governmental corruption there will significantly back off so real work can be accomplished.

Suzy said...

Bill & Bob,
Thank you so much for a LEGITIMATE organization to which to send relief dollars ... and one in which the money can be specifically directed! SO MANY scam 'relief agencies' popping-up now! And even the so-called 'big box' well-known relief agencies like the Red Cross, have so much 'admin' and overhead that it's really difficult to determine where one's dollars are actually going, and how much help those dollars are actually doing.

I was just watching the NBC national evening news, and yes, the surviving Haitian children are making my heart ache and my eyes weep.
I just pulled-up the "Hope For Haiti's Children" website, and will explore it in-depth ... I will gladly make some kind of contribution, and will keep all these little ones and the Vanderbeek's in my prayers.

Thanks again!
Suzy :)