Friday, January 22, 2010

Not 'fried' today....

I promise I'll return to my semi-normal blogging format before too long....just a crazy odd schedule among other things is keeping me from being 'predictable'....unless my 'unpredictableness' is that which is 'predictable'!!!!!!

Per an earlier posting, there is a 'new kid on the block'...and while musings of others have run quite the creative gamut, it is but another 'blog' of mine....just FAR from 'normal' whatever that is.

Having officially crossed the half-century mark, it really is high-time I tend to doing things I've meant (and felt destined) to do for a long time. At the behest of other professional confidantes, I've created a new blog that will in essence be my first book to be published, chapter by chapter. Yes, in hopes of being 'picked up' since the publishing world is as crazy as the TV world I lived in; too, it will MAKE me produce my interim goals and chapters in a timely manner.

Below is the link to the goal is to post a chapter entry once a week or maybe every other week...with a new chapter. They may well not be in the order of the projected book, and I certainly know that whatever I write reserves the right to be edited...or tossed, or ripped to shreds...but at least I'm putting it into motion.

The preliminary posting to my proposed first book,"MILEPOST 50", explains a bit more about my intentions. Read and enjoy...and spread the word if you feel so led. CLICK HERE


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