Thursday, January 07, 2010

Still alive....

No, I didn't send this to 5 people within 5 minutes.

No, I didn't go prepare to have the worst luck in my life descend upon me because I didn't follow the sacred instructions.

No, I am no different a person than I was before I read the email, and, no, God will not smite me because of an apparent lack of 'belief'.

Yes, I laugh at and delete the waves of this type of email.

Yes, I question whythehell anyone bothers to author such schlock in the first place, much less the person that feels led to mass-forward it to everyone else.

Because many people went present-crazy at Christmas, they are hungry for either debt-relief information or get-rich-quick schemes (where's Bernie Madoff when you need him?). Cycles of predictability after the holidays. You can rest assured that when we flip the calendar to January and the new year, those ads along with weight-loss ads will proliferate like bunny rabbits in the Elysian Fields.

However, this one that passed through I thought had a little nugget to pass along without all the baggage...simple words of wisdom we all know already, but maybe don't truly let it sink in. Worth a mulling over as we await one more Arctic blast here with a bit of snow late today....


5 things you cannot take or get back in life:

A Stone....after it's thrown

A Word...after it's said

An Opportunity...after it passes

The Time....after it's gone

A Person....once they cross over


Stay warm and keep the faith....the bitterly cold pattern in the Carolinas will start to break up early next week!

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DAVID said...

I'm with you, Bob. I detest the emails that have those, "If you love God you must" this or that" or "If you are not ashamed of this message then send this to everyone on your email list," or anything like that. I immediately delete them. AND I almost always email the person back and tell them why I am NOT sending the message on. I truly hate these kinds of shame-based emails.

Your 5 things you can't get back are wonderful reminders to live proactively and without regret. Thanks for sharing them. Stay warm my friend!!!