Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Need a new battery

Actually, not a real one, just one to get me blogging again! I'm filling in at News 14 (Greensboro/Triad) at the moment, and working a foreign shift: evenings/nights! This, for a guy who prefers to go horizontal around 730p or shortly my mind there is no 'good' shift, time-wise and bio-clock-wise. Just like with most things in life, it's all about trade-offs.

I'm trying to get 5 flutes totally finished and up on the web....the flutes are oh-so close to the photographing and sound sampling stage, but every time I look I see a run here or a blob there, and I have to go and sand and reapply a finish. The finishes are taking a little longer to dry, and with my TV work I can't reapply as quickly as I normally would. But one particular bugaboo is in line with what they say about cars....

The hardest car color to keep nice and clean looking is black, hands down. Originally i would have thought white, but for a long time I've been told black is the toughest as it actually shows everything given the right viewing angle. I have a mid F (Verdi tuned) Half-Pipe in salvaged Dogwood with an Ebony base...and that Ebony is constantly showing me stuff I can't live with. If it were a smaller flute, then it wouldn't be the same issue. This particular flute is large, and the Ebony area is large and flat, and like a freakin' microscope on steroids when there are imperfections! And so yet another coat is going on a spot the size of a dime...

NEWS FLASH!! "The Devil's Flute" is going on the block. Started it 6 years ago, and it has about $500 of my doctor bills in it from my extreme sensitivity to Lacewood dust. Now totally inert, the beauty is finished and sings like a dream, clearly one of my "IT" flutes that regular flute customers understand. Should have pics later today of it...assuming I get them taken, I'll post them tomorrow. While I can think of myriad reasons to keep it, for its 'story' if nothing else, I can think of one good reason to release it: something called a mortgage! :-)

Too, a fellow flute-maker had a great answer to an oft-asked question: what's the best flute you've ever made? His answer: the next one. I will always have 'kids' that blow my socks off from time to time, so I simply look forward to creating them and smiling. Still itchin' to post pics of the Hippie Flute, but I can't until delivery late this week. One of the new flutes coming out is a Half-Pipe keyed in Mode 2 pentatonic (major)...should be able to make a video of it so you can hear that 'different' scale...very pretty and spring-like to my ears.

Time to get the pups to the dog park for some exercise and run a few errands before work. Thanks for your patience as I waffle through this week!

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