Monday, January 25, 2010

"Animals going two by two..."

Eeegads but the heavens opened up late Sunday! Flooding rain measured in inches, tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings popping up like unwanted bills...I suppose the silver lining is it wasn't ice or snow!

Grabbed these rainfall total images from the radar, which you can enlarge by clicking on 'em. First up is the storm total through 3am, or something close to that. While these are radar estimates that tend to run 'hot' sometimes, the 3-5 inches certainly fell in several areas and caused a good bit of damage still being assessed this morning...

An especialy heavy period of rain passed through the Metrolina region around midnight, and this is a 3-hour total map roughly from 11p through 2am....ouch.....

Molly got her first bath last Friday, thanks to the ever-so-muddy dog park where she romped and rolled mightily. She's so clean and soft now that I dare not take her anywhere off-leash lest she return to her soiled state.

Need to get a good picture of her back, too....about December First her silky straight coat started to strongly curl along her spine...and after the bath that spinal area now resembles a black-haired Phyllis Diller. Craziest thing I've ever seen on a pooch.
Chapter One is now 'up' on "Milepost 50"...keep in mind that part of my writing style utilizes 'poetic license' that massacres 'traditional' grammatical practices. Like writing in fragments...and using 'mulling' dots. I prefer to write as my brain thinks out loud, which, yes, is a very scary proposition. Enjoy.

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