Monday, March 02, 2009


There is another post after this one that I started Sunday evening and updated early this morning with some data...and only now watching TV and seeing the scope of serious troubles many are in. I-85 is in the worst shape I've ever seen....Steve Osunsami from ABC's Good Morning America did a phoner on the show as he sat in his car near Spartanburg, SC, trying to get to Charlotte (normally under a 2-hour trip)...they had been sitting for over 14 hours. He reported a 30 mile backup in the northbound lanes, and at least 10 to maybe 20 mile backup in the southbound lanes. Thick layers of black ice have formed on the roads as temperatures have gone below freezing, multiple trucks have jacknifed, and all traffic at a stand still at last report. Some have run out of gas overnight trying to keep warm. Many have no food, no bathrooms, possibly inadequate clothing in the car. In the other blog post I mention that King's Mountain got 9" of snow...I-85 runs right through there.

So, while I lament a small snow where I am, it does have a nasty underlayer from that heavy sleet/rain mix that coated things before the fluffy snow hit...a perfect day to stay inside and truly make myself do some serious cleaning and organizing!!!

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