Friday, March 06, 2009

"Fried Fridays: Please Engage Brain"

Iowans are a different breed, so it has been said. "The Music Man" touted such, so it must be true.

Apparently, though, some older citizens objected to being called 'elders', which is a bit comical since an 'elder' is a term of honor in other cultures...


Yep, leave it to a governmental body to not leave well enough alone. "The Department of Elder Affairs" just wasn't good enough for a group of lawmakers that saw fit to change the name of the department.

Both houses voted recently to create a new name that is more in line with Federal Agencies that deal with the, I, uh, mean older folks (?). Rep. Janet Peterson (age 38) noted that the previous department's name caused problems because "some" older Iowans objected to being called an elder.


So, to pacify the oldsters about ready to take up pitchforks and torches, the department got a new name....

Department of Aging.


Nice acronym. I wonder if they'll find 'elder' more acceptable now...


Anonymous said...

I didnt know you worked at WSOC Bob.

Bob Child said...

Just filling in Sunday AM/noons for a couple of months (did the same thing for 'em about 3 years ago). We freelancers go where the wind blows, especially in this economy!