Friday, March 20, 2009

"Fried Fridays: Biting remarks..."

Each home that has one has the same concern.

Household safety issues are front and center.

Public safety issues run a close second.

There is always that 'fine line' where you hope all stays within 'boundaries' and yet, deep down, you know that at the least provocation you could be in a heap o' trouble....


Pit Bulls take a lot of bashing, I'll admit. Could be because they truly are the breed most often involved in attacks, but I digress. You make sure they have their shots. You make sure they are under control. You make sure that they are being properly watched over and controlled, and properly loved and fed. They can be sweet and loving...'can' being the operative word, here...

Alas, there is no Pit Bull in this story.

For that matter, there is no dog in this story. No pet whatsoever.

It's just dear ol' Mom...

Yep, Mom.

And, I might add, it's quite reminiscent of the last presidential forum per Gov. Palin's commentary about the difference between a Pit Bull and a hockey mom: the lipstick.

There is (was?) an 11 year-old "John Doe" Aceta (?) at Roger Williams Middle School in Providence, R.I. While we don't know what he did that day at school, we know it warranted his being ordered to a room for misbehaving students. There was only one problem....

He refused to go.

Called into the picture is his nurturing mother, 30-year old Aleya Uceta, who goes in to the principal's office to be told of the details of her son's recalcitrant behavior. The principal parlayed all the relevant information and informed Ms. Uceta that her son would be suspended for 3 days for his behavior.

Ms. Uceta had a bit of difficulty working with authorities, and, so, did what any Pit-Bull hockey mom would do: she proceeded to punch the principal in the face and began biting him on the left arm. Police officers were called in and even then Ms. Uceta continued resisting arrest.

As the old saying goes, apples don't fall too far from their trees...

We have strange occupants that walk amongst us. Makes you feel sorry for the kid as his cards were stacked against him out of the gate. True to the words of one of my college professors, "We're all weird, we're just weird in different ways."


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