Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy Square Root Day!

While we are just one-fifth of the way to the Ides of March, we're square upon a 'square' day:


That's leaving off the "20-" for the year, but don't spoil the fun. 2 down and 7 more to go this century (assuming we make it that far before we destroy this beautiful planet)...

March came in like a roaring lion, and many of us are ready for the gentle lamb to follow. Certainly by the end of this week it will be a different world out there in the temperature department, but as I blogged about a while back, the first 10 days of March are a real wild card for late winter storms in the Carolinas. Warmer air to the south carries a lot more moisture now, and yet we can still get kicked with some deep cold...resulting snows from such an atmospheric train wreck are wet with large flakes that quickly accumulate. That is unless you're on the edge of the precipitation shield and get limited amounts (like me!).

We interrupt this blog for an important announcement:


Due to recent budget increases and the high
cost of electricity and gas
, as well as current market conditions around the world, The Light at the End of
the Tunnel has been turned off.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Got a good start on the serious amount of cleaning I need to do, with a table of flutes lying in wait to be worked on further outside. The mountains of paperwork and items to file now look more like the Appalachians than the Rockies, so I take some solace in that. Erosion does take time.

We would all do well to purge our 'stuff' from time to time...I look at things that I'll swear I'll need sometime, even though I haven't needed them in the past few years...clothes that don't quite fit that I keep thinking I'll be able to get back into before too long (joke of the day). Then I think I'll start filling boxes and have a yard sale, but with my volatile schedule and volatile spring weather it's almost too risky to plan one. Alas, I pick a charity and go drop off the booty, using the limited benefit of a tax write-off.

Slowly the crammed spaces open up...I can actually get the vaccuum around the inside work space and start clearing the tumbleweeds and dust bunnies that more resemble the giant wooden rabbit from Monty Python's "Holy Grail" movie...

So, let the spring cleaning continue for today, with more snow melting and more trees continuing to bud. I think a lot of us are ready for warmer weather and lower heating bills! I leave you with one of my abastracts from yesterday morning, since there wasn't that much snow for more scenic shots!

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