Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still cookin' with gas...

I am one decidedly partial to PBS, documentaries, History Channel (OK, and HGTV!)...but I won't divulge that South Park is also on that list. Of the rare few mainstream manias I am following with a bit more interest is American Idol.

I blogged about this some time ago...while at UNC Chapel Hill I was a member of the (then) newly emerging a capella group The Clef Hangers...and one of their own ('08) just squeaked by into the Top 11 this season: Anoop Desai.

He's sorta skinned by the past couple of weeks...he's got the pipes, but his song selection has been a bit questionable. Too, he's having to quickly learn that, as Simon Cowell put it, "This competition isn't about being artistic" which is a bit sad. It's about what 'sells', what wows a crowd, what will sell albums, what will pack a concert arena, what will play out in the odd world of entertainment press. I see both sides, but I continue to hold a silver cross up to those people and institutions that only see "success" as dollar signs and how many they can amass. Much more to life than that, so much more.

Speaking of which, since I told you above that I won't divulge I watch South Park, had I watched it last night I understand I would have heard them go off on Mickey Mouse as the tyrant, bullying figure head of Disney Corporation via the Jonas Brothers. Had I watched it I would have been LMAO...hipsters know that one, but for those not acronym-savvy, suffice it to say I would have found it humerous.

Good ol' Clef Hangers. Anoop is pictured singing one of his solos in concert. I can't help but to think that, as the competition moves forward with more personalized spotlights, they will highlight the group a little more. They've come a long way in just over 30 years, they have.


So much for my good sanding weather outdoors. Several days of showers will be fully in place by tomorrow, so will need to shift gears in other directions. Plus, I'll get to road-test my new windshield wiper configuration!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love all seasons, but the birth of spring is intoxicatingly magical. Haven't fired the cameras much lately, but that will soon change as the Bartlett Pears and Tulip Trees are doing their technicolor thing now. Show-time!

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