Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday late?....


Well, okay....happy Monday!

I was so busy this weekend and then so tired Sunday I had not pre-planned a blog for Monday. Then, later on Monday, was an AP wire story that just tripped one of my hot buttons chastizing the direction "media" is trying to take us. The headline was titled:

"7 kids among dead from Montana crash".

If there is one thing about news that REALLY burns my butt, it's when they single out little kids in a headline of dead people. It's as if we place a higher level of tragedy on a young death and devalue an elder's death. I, of course, call bull cr@p on the editors for allowing such headlines. News used to be about reporting it's about reporting 'stuff' more on an entertainment and 'hook-em' ideology to get ratings which get advertising dollars. All for the buck, not the newsworthiness.

If we have any snowball's chance in Hades of saving this planet and our society, we MUST truly understand and embrace the idea that the death of an 87 year-old is just as important as a death of a 6 year-old. We are One, we are Equal. No one is more special or more important than someone else. 'Nuff said. Grrrrr to the executives that push for that type of schlock in news headlines. It's omnipresent, now, sadly.

And now I look at headlines from Johannesburg, South Africa today (Monday), where the Dali Lama is banned from attending or participating in ANYthing news-wise or politically...with fear it will insult China. God forbid, if any nation should hang their head in humanistic shame, it's China...and here these nations struggling, hoping to entertain the soccer greats shortly, they go so far as to play the political card that will damn them, effectively. We live in one screwed up world...where ego, politics, and delusions of superiority rank above all else. Many have lost any sense of a spiritual focus in Life.

Do you like where we are? Do you like where we are heading? I sure don't. It's important to remember that each of us bears a part of the burden to right the sinking ship...but we must speak up. Having been a part of the TV news business for 19 years, I've grown rather disgusted with much of what is now being 'pushed' over the airwaves.

Gee, could ya even tell I felt that way?????!!!!!

Alright, go make lemonade out of lemons, y'all!


Anonymous said...


i couldnt agree with you more, maybe .....and this is just a thought, maybe the news capitalizes on childrens deaths because of being just that... a child, a childs life cut so short, versus an 87 year old who has been around longer, death is death and tragedy is tragedy, but it is always saddens my heart when a child dies, most children as they grow older bury there parents, not parents burying their child or children, just a thought ...have a great day !

Bob Child said...

Yes, it is a 'perspective' issue...until we understand that a 'childs' death is equal to an 'octagenarians' death, we'll advance nowhere in understanding our Oneness to each other. ***Sigh***